GAALO maintains financial records, supporting documents, statistical records and all other documents pertinent to the project in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles. Accounting records that are supported by documentation shows all cost incurred for the project, receipt, and use of goods and services acquired under the award of contract, the cost of the program supplied from other sources, and the overall progress of the program.
GAALO is using a very transparent financial system common in today’s development process in this sphere. The organization has Finance department that controls all field office finance officers and accountants and do internal audits of GAALO projects periodically.
Each regional office keeps the track of advances from the main office and amount of expenditure incurred on projects being implemented through field office. The expenditure is recorded in the field offices in the currency in which the expenditure is incurred. The GAALO Finance Manager receives copies of this information from each regional office. GAALO has a Finance Manager in its main office. He is assisted by Finance Staff. In each regional office GAALO has a Finance Officer and accountants. For each project GAALO employ a Finance Officer and accountants as per the need of the contract.